How It Works?

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  • Step 2 You will receive a call from our team, to understand your requirements.

  • Step 3 Mentor mapping: Based on your goals, cultural eating habits and medical issues.

  • Step 4 Goal setting: Realistic, achievable and informative.

  • Step 5 Weekly personalized(diet and workout) plan and weekly call.

  • Step 6 Ask us any number of queries on WhatsApp, and our team will address them!


At HappleyFit, we chalk out a wholesome nutrition and fitness road-map, that we personalize, customize and set for you to absorb into your lifestyle.

Why Choose HappleyFit?

Our Approach

At HappleyFit, YOU are our Focus. We accommodate ourselves around your schedule and preferences. Our programs are realistically designed, and are sustainable, wherein the results do not disappear. Our panel of qualified experts, create affordable plans, that have zero side effects, which you can follow at the ease of your home.

We give utmost importance to following parameters while planning a personalized diet + workout plan.

  • Culture - Following a cultural diet not just helps you to be consistent on the fitness journey unlike other food fads, but also helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Medical Condition - We consider every single details regarding the medical conditions before prescribing a diet to the client.
  • Lifestyle - Most non-communicable diseases are the results of an unhealthy lifestyle (WHO).

We ensure, that fitness and nutrition is never a stressful journey!

Success Stories

Our Amazing Team

Sapna Talreja
Sapna Talreja


Sapna, is the driving force that brings the Happiness Factor to HappleyFit. Her own story, is her inspiration.

Meghna Shukla
Meghna Shukla

Chief Nutritionist

Meghna holds masters in nutrition. She brings to HappleyFit, curated well planned and easy to follow nutritional plans, that are highly addictive.

Vijay Belhekar
Vijay Belhekar

Fitness Trainer

Vijay, come with 15 plus years of experience, he is always looking for innovative ideas to make exercising fun and engaging client.


What's different about HappleyFit Program?

Most fitness programs use generic exercise and diet templates. That means the same program for everyone – regardless of age, cultural eating habits, medical condition, lifestyle, experience or goals. We understand diversity which is why we have personalized health coaches who recommend workout and diet plans keeping in mind your medical conditions, lifestyle and cultural eating habits without adding a financial burden to your monthly expenses. Our certified coaches recommend the best plans that you can trust without the fear of side effects – our recommendations are light on your body and mind. We simplify your fitness experience in a unique way that meets your expectations for a health coach.

How can I enroll?

Please click here to enroll, our team would get back to you soon.

How much I will lose in a month?

At HappleyFit we focus on overall fitness, not just weight loss. Every body type is different, so the result vary for each individual. Focus on fitness and weight loss will follow.

Will it be sustainable or will my weight bounce back?

HappleyFit is not about a diet, its enhancing a better way of life. As we help inculcate better lifestyle habits, if you put in the effort to absorb the new ways, there will be no looking back.

Will I be able to manage it? I want to know how much extra effort I would need to put in cooking and whether it would be executable or not?

What we suggest, is not off the menu, it’s all readily available at home. We dont expect our clients to go out of the way and source expensive ingredients. We design the plan according to your culture and native eating habits, that ensures, accessibility.  

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