Reasons Why You Should Workout with a Friend

The benefits of being physically and mentally active are aplenty! We all know that. So, how can we iron out those creases that stop us from exercising more regularly? One of the best ways to get into the habit of working out, and sustaining the regime is to do it with a friend or in a group. And hey! research from top universities have proved that exercising works better in two’s and more. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to #phoneafriend, right away!

Here are a number of benefits to illustrate that doing it together, is better:

  1. Accountability: When someone’s banking on you, you are far less likely to make excuses on a workout! So, plan an exercise session with your friend, and you will surely have a blast!
  2. Exercise becomes more fun: A key element in forming a lifestyle habit is fun. It’s always more enjoyable to share an experience with a friend. It also allows you to try out other activities. After all, it’s pretty hard to play a game of badminton alone!
  3. You are more likely to try new things: ever wanted to try Zumba or a boxing class but felt intimidated going there alone? With a partner your excuses are now removed. It opens up all sorts of possibilities to new forms of exercise.
  4. Social well-being: social interaction is often listed as an important factor for many people when choosing exercise. Training with a partner gives you that social contact that is often non-existent when going solo.
  5. Shared goals: if two of you are working towards a common goal, it helps to build more resolve and resilience. It’s a fantastic feeling to achieve a goal, and it can be even better when you achieve it with someone else.

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