HappleyFit Tips to be a Healthy Dad

Kids. Work. A marriage. Chores. Who has the time or energy to workout?

It’s a common complaint heard from busy dads who’ve gone from fit to fat, once kids enter their lives. But fatherhood doesn’t have to mean the end of your fitness routine or being yourself. All it requires is discipline, a little creativity, and the will.

Here are some tips, that require little effort, and in some instances can be integrated into your routine.


Men normally tend to bottle up their emotions and stress and that results in a lot of issues, like hypertension, diabetes, and others. So talk to a friend, to your wife, to your kids(kids have great perspective) about stuff you need to vent. It helps wonders for your sanity!

Stay active

There are many forms of exercises you can indulge in. Invest in a good cycle, go for a run, some soothing yoga, can only do you good! Even a walk in the park, while the kids are playing, can be a great workout!

Make healthy choices

Stop those frequent trips to the coffee dispenser, when at work. All that caffeine is not doing you any good . Yes, we live in tough times, and work has its pressures, but resorting to a smoke after a grueling meeting, may reduce the stress for the moment, but can be so harmful in the long run. Quit the butt Today!


There is something so relaxing about watching that marinated chicken roast to a crisp in the oven. After a long day, cooking can really unwind you and prove to be a super relaxing activity. The aromas that fill the room can uplift you. Cooking anything, a salad, a beautiful meal for the family, is therapeutic. So, please get that apron on!

Get a good night’s sleep

The key to feeling relaxed is getting a good, solid, eight hours… Yeah, right! As most dads will tell you, you’re lucky if you get six. However, trying to get an early night will always give you a little kick of energy the next day. It might be tricky during the week, but try to boost your sleeping hours during the weekend. It’s a small treat that goes a long way. Put a morning curfew on the weekends so the children can’t make any noise until a certain time. See if they can make it all the way to 8am!

So, this Fathers Day, do resolve to make this small changes in your lifestyle and watch yourself become lean and healthy! Remember, your kids are watching you, so being happy and fit, will be the best gift you can give them!

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