About Us

At HappleyFit, YOU are our Focus. We aim to help people with a personalized and simplified way to attain a healthy lifestyle, with overall health. As our tag-line says: Healthy Lifestyle Simplified.

About Founder


I am Sapna Talreja. And I wasn't always HappleyFit. I have been an IT professional for over 12 years now, and we all are well aware of the health issues, long working hours, sedentary lifestyle and wonky eating habits can do. This is what happened to me, and the toll it took on my health was phenomenal.

Though I always strived to eat healthy, my erratic work schedule, lack of energy and motivation, prodded me into eating quick, to go meals. Hence, I climbed onto the vicious cycle of weight gain, lethargy and fatigue.

As a result, it hampered my professional, as well as personal life. It is about 2 years ago, that I turned the wheel around and promised myself to make a change. With simple lifestyle modifications, like eating home cooked food, corrected my timings, and clubbed all this with regular exercise, as suggested by my nutritionist and fitness coach, I lost 20 kg, and even better, had regained my energy and confidence once again.

HappleyFit, is born from the the journey I went through, and my quest to make others enjoy the ride as well! With the best nutritionist team, and best fitness coach.

Our Approach

Fitness is an attitude more than a state of being, and we train you to make those attitude changes, that can shape your lifestyle.

We give utmost importance to following parameters while planning a personalized diet + workout plan.

  • Culture - Following a cultural diet not just helps you to be consistent on the fitness journey unlike other food fads, but also helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Medical Condition - We consider every single details regarding the medical conditions before prescribing a diet to the client.
  • Lifestyle - Most non-communicable diseases are the results of an unhealthy lifestyle (WHO).

On the journey to an individual goal, there are perhaps moments wherever people get demotivated, but with a friend and coach on the other side to motivate and encourage you, making your journey sustainable and enjoyable.

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