Chickpea: A High Protein Wonder Pulse

Chickpea or chole or kabuli chana though available worldwide, are mostly underrated for their immense nutritional values. In Western countries they are called garbanzo beans. They are from the pulse family and are a great source of many macro and micro nutrients. Chickpeas are rich in protein along with being high in dietary fiber. They […]

Tiny Hormone Friend Pumpkin Seeds & Garden Cress Seeds

Tiny Hormone Friend: Pumpkin seeds and Garden Cress seeds

Human body is made up of various complex processes. Every organ has its own functions to perform. There are a number of glands in the body which secrete various chemical substances called hormones which regulate different vital processes in the body ranging from metabolism, sugar synthesis, reproductive health and so on. We often hear about […]

Holistic Corporate Wellness Program – A must in New Normal

India is increasingly facing the burden of metabolic and lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, cardiac issues and so on and a holistic approach by the corporate towards the health of employees can greatly influence their overall well-being. Holistic approach towards employee wellness can improve habits, increase productivity and also boost employee engagement resulting in overall […]

HappleyFit Indian Food Combination Do and Donts

Indian Food Combination Do’s and Don’t

What is Food Combination? Certain foods when combined together provides best of the nutritional value and are termed as the technique of food combination. Macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats get absorbed in the body to almost around 90% but same is not the case with vitamins and minerals. Few food combinations can be the […]

Staying Healthy In The New Normal HappleyFit

Staying Healthy in the New Normal

Covid-19 or the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life and the regularities completely making it take a turn. The old normal of going to regular work, attending social events, dining out or having get-together have completely changed to the new normal of working from home, social distancing and having video calls. This has […]

HappleyFit 5 most common nutritional deficiency among Indian adults

5 most common Nutritional Deficiencies among Indian Adults

Nutrients are building blocks of our body. Macro and micronutrients play a variety of roles starting from metabolizing and providing energy, formation of blood cells, bones and muscles to providing immunity to fight diseases and many more. Nutritional requirement of every individual varies depending on factors like age, sex, medical conditions and physical activity. Most […]

World Food Safety Day, Food is not good if its not safe

Food is no Good, if it is not Safe!

Safe and hygienic food is as important as nutritious food. Food mishandling can make food unfit for consumption due to various reasons like contamination, spoilage or adulteration. The second World Food Safety Day (WFSD) will be celebrated on 7 June 2020, to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, […]

HappleyFit World No Tobacco Day Time to Quit Tobacoo

Time to Quit Tobacco – World No Tobacco Day

As per WHO, in the current pandemic of Covid-19, recent research has proven that smokers are at a higher risk of severe health implications because of impaired lung function. Tobacco kills more than 1 million people in India which is 9.5% of all deaths. The most common way tobacco kills is by Cardiovascular diseases – […]

HappleyFit Flaxseeds Superfood for Hypertension

Flaxseeds- a superfood for Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most common metabolic disorders prevalent in the world. In urban India an average of 20-40% of adults suffer from hypertension. Hypertension predisposes an individual to increased cardiovascular disease. Diet and lifestyle modifications have been proved to keep the blood pressure levels at a check. There are a number of superfoods […]