Curry Leaves: a Must Have Food for Diabetics

Curry leaves or widely called as Kadi Patta as called in India are leaves of the curry tree, Murraya koenigii are native to India and Sri Lanka. They are used in a variety of curry or rice preparations especially in the Southern parts of India. But did you know they have enormous nutritional and medicinal properties and they are believed to possess anti-diabetic properties too!

According to the study published in Die Pharmazie – an International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences – the anti-hyperglycaemic properties of the curry leaves were shown to be effective controlling blood glucose levels in diabetic rats.

Nutritional and medicinal properties of curry leaves:

  1. Curry leaves are rich in amino acids and antioxidants that can help in fighting diseases.
  2. Rich variety of micronutrients like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C and E.
  3. Rich in flavonoids which acts as anti-diabetic agents.
  4. Rich in certain amino acids and help in increasing the amount of good cholesterol.
  5. Beneficial for hair and skin health as well.

How does curry leaves affect the blood sugar levels:

  1. They contain antioxidants like vitamin, beta-carotene and carbazole alkaloids that helps to keep a check on range of diseases linked to oxidative damage from free radicals, of which type-2 diabetes tops the list.
  2. Rich in fibre content which helps to keep the blood sugar in check.
  3. Curry leaf tends to boost the insulin activity and this helps the blood sugar levels to get stabilized.
  4. It has compounds that slow down the rate of starch-to-glucose breakdown in people with diabetes. Curry leaves can effectively control the amount of glucose entering the blood.
  5. They can restore liver and kidney enzymes responsible for breaking down carbohydrates back to their normal levels thus treating diabetes.

How to consume kadi patta or curry leaves:

We usually add them while tempering the curries or chutneys but research has shown that cooking can destroy many of their nutrients. Hence most of their nutritional and medicinal benefits can be reaped in when consumed fresh and raw. The right ways to consume them can be:

  1. 8-10 curry leaves can be consumed daily in the morning.
  2. Consume fresh juice made from the leaves
  3. Add them to the salad bowl
  4. Curry leaves chutney

Even though these tiny leaves are filled with health benefits, unfortunately most of us Indians are not aware of this information and hence they remain quite unused in most parts of India. Start adding curry leaves daily to your and get the most out of them. If you are a diabetic or any of your family members is a diabetic then these might be a Must Have in their daily diet.


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