Rinki Namdeo

Very very close to their name HappleyFit believes in the fact that health is crucial to anyone’s happiness. Their constant motivation made a sluggish soul like me set targets fro workout.

Anu Girdhani

The diet plan is easy an proper to follow, I have lost 6 KGS in 45 days and I feel so energetic.The best thing is HappleyFit takes cares of each and an every problem of your body. Even it makes your period cycle normal.

Sneha Parale Jathar

I had health issues – hypothyroidism, I started eating things which I never ever considered before and realized that there are so many better options to eat then why do we rely on the junk options. My entire plan was based on Maharashtrian food so planning for the food was not difficult…

Chithra Venkataraman

I had tried almost every option to lose weight and stay fit. With each option a loss of 2 kgs resulted either in me feeling dull or mad me gain double the loss. I still need to learn more in terms of being fit and I hope both would continue to motivate and help me […]