Jowar Puffs Lime

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Have it as a tea time snacks, these roasted Jowar puffs are sure to blow your mind. This guilt-free snack can be your bestfriend when it comes to parties, movie nights or a self pampering day.

What’s in it: Jowar, Black salt, Groundnut oil(for seasoning) & Spices

  • Jowar is rich in B-complex vitamins and fiber
  • Black salt is known to have antioxidation and low-sodium.
  • Groundnut oil has high levels of vitamin E and MUFA, PUFA (unsaturated “good fats”) known to promote heart health.


  • Replaces unhealthy snacks with a tasty and healthy option
  • Roasted not fried
  • Seasoning with groundnut oil and not palm oil.
  • Made to order (freshness guaranteed)
  • Approved by a nutritionist.

Best time to have: Anytime, any day!

Best before: 30 days from the date of manufacture.

Serving size: – 25 grams

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