Staying Healthy in the New Normal

Covid-19 or the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life and the regularities completely making it take a turn. The old normal of going to regular work, attending social events, dining out or having get-together have completely changed to the new normal of working from home, social distancing and having video calls.

This has also impacted eating, exercise, increased stress and sleep patterns drastically. In the current times of social distancing, how can we ensure that we do not let it affect our system adversely is a big question for most of us. Let’s understand three most important aspects to keep ourselves and our family members safe and sane during these difficult times.

Tips for Planning your Meal

Due to the restriction of moving around or going to the market repeatedly, most of us have mostly switched to non-perishable food items like pulses, cereals. Managing our nutrition profile is becoming difficult.

Tips to Stay Active

Being quarantined at home, the regular walks, jogs or gym sessions for many of us might have been drastically affected. But as we know being physically active plays a huge role in building up our overall health and immunity, we must keep our physical activities at par. Let’s see how we can stay active:

  • Trying yoga, floor exercises and taking steps can be few easy to do activities to keep the activity levels high.
  • Make sure to take out at least 30mins of your routine to invest in some or the other physical activity.
  • Use homemade props for weight training like filled bottles, chairs, towels to make the workout session fun at home. Check our workout with Prop series

Tips to Relieve stress and staying Positive

Many research and surveys have proven that the lockdown has affected many of us mentally due to the uncertainty of the happenings, financial insecurities and limitations to socialize. Let’s see how we can stay positive:

  • Indulging into recreational activities like gardening, reading ,writing and cooking can be some you can indulge with your family.
  • Spend time with the family and keep the screen time limited.
  • Taking care of the sleep routine is also one of the most important aspects to keep the mind sane.
  • Listen to good music.
  • Meditate for at least 30 mins to be calm.

Following are the few Do’s of ‘New Normal’ which you can start practicing from today:

  1. Set up proper workstation.
  2. Take 10 mins break after 45-60mins of work.
  3. Keep a box full of plain nuts and dry fruits on your work desk.
  4. Refill your water bottles in every break, set target to drink min 3 litre of water daily.
  5. Have the inventory filled with healthy snacks like roasted chana, makhana, murmura, dates.
  6. Take a walk inside the house or terrace whenever on calls to increase the step count.
  7. Set up a routine for yourself and avoid staying up for late.
  8. Spend quality time with family members.
  9. Arrange for online potlucks and dress up to feel good
  10. Invest time in self-care and self-love, enroll for some online courses of interest to enhance your skills.

Form a group of like-minded people, studies have shown group helps in Accountability, Exercise becomes more fun, You are more likely to try new things etc. Do seek help from an expert in making most of your group activities. Our team can help you.

Thus taking care of our health and setting our priorities right becomes a huge responsibility for each one of us to keep ourselves, family and the surroundings healthy.

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