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We are proud that in a very short span of time, we have been instrumental in helping 100+ customers of Indian origin, both in India and abroad, best part
being on an average more than 70 percent clients stay with us for a minimum period of 16 weeks. The diverse cultural dietary habits cover South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarathi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Bengali among other states. Goals traverse from weight loss, healthy eating habits, evolving lifestyles to name a few. Medical conditions too are varied and include diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, cardiovascular conditions etc. Read our amazing success stories to know how we can help you!

Arti, mom of 2, based out of Vidisha - Madhya Pradesh, she somehow managed to lose initial few kgs but soon reached weight loss plateau and moreover started feeling lathergic. After joining Happley.Fit, she not only had fat loss, but also gained her energy back,by following her cultural diet and joining Happley.Fit live group exercise session. Thanks Arti, for sharing your journey and motivating others towards Healthy Lifestyle.
Practice What You Preach is the philosophy we follow at HappleyFit. Our chief nutritionist Meghna Shukla, had a C-Section delivery, made sure she got back to her daily Workout Routine post 3 months of delivery and along with that continued following Eating Right Mantra and got back in shape in 8 months.
Ranoo Seth HappleyFit Review
Sneha Parale Jathar HappleyFit
Simran Sadhwani HappleyFit Review

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