Human body is made up of various complex processes. Every organ has its own functions to perform. There are a number of glands in the body which secrete various chemical substances called hormones which regulate different vital processes in the body ranging from metabolism, sugar synthesis, reproductive health and so on.

We often hear about hormonal imbalances or fluctuations related to metabolism or menstrual cycles in women. As per epidemiological survey, 8.9% of urban India Women is facing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) owing to poor lifestyle habits, increased consumption of high fat, high sodium, high sugar and lack of physical activities.

Though a Healthy Lifestyle is of utmost importance, we will talk about 2 magical tiny seeds which have immense benefits on female hormones:

Pumpkin seeds

How to include Pumpkin Seeds in your daily diet

How much to have

1-2 tsp/daily

Garden Cress seeds(Aliv or Halim):

How to include Aliv Seeds in your daily diet

How much to have

1-2 tsp/daily

Regular consumption of these seeds along with a healthy lifestyle can help to keep the hormones in place. Females already gifted with stable hormonal balance can also include them in moderation in the regular diet.

Note: Make sure to have unsalted seeds always.


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