Fruits and Veggies in Monsoon

Monsoons bring with it, the lush green, the nippy weather, and a state of confusion, about what fruits and veggies, we should be eating. But, the secret to good immunity, is to eat seasonal!

  • We fear of worms in fruits and veggies this season.
  • Seasonal fruits and veggies are capable of fighting infections.
  • Citrus fruits and non-leafy vegetables are great for your immunity.

Fruits story:

  • Citrus fruits: Vitamin C is the major component to help fight infection and flu during monsoon.
  • Cherries, lower cholesterol, and possess anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Plum is known for its dietary fiber, copper, potassium, vitamin C and K.
  • The yellowish pigment of peaches makes them loaded with Vitamin A, B and C. Responsible for improving eye, skin and dental health.
  • Jamun, the powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins, potassium, folate and iron is the boon for diabetics as well as liver and kidney patients.
  • Litchi helps asthmatic people to breathe well, and responsible for good skin and digestive health.
  • Pomegranate and apples are fruits with the real goodness of soluble fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B, vitamin C and cancer protecting agents.

Veggies story:

  • Gourds: gourds are a treat in monsoon season. They are loaded with vitamin B and C, makes them anti-inflammatory. Bottle gourd and family, bitter gourd, tinda, parval can be chosen for your daily veggie delight. Due to their high fiber content, they are best to boost your digestion this monsoon.

Some Monsoon tips:

  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly twice in running water.
  • Avoid roots and green leafy vegetables such as spinach and fenugreek.
  • A big NO to raw vegetables, either steam or blanch them.
  • Avoid outside fruit juices and pre-cut fruit and salad, they have great chances of contamination.
  • Avoid melons, chances of water retention.

The story brings us to the end with the disclaimer that all of the veggies and fruits mentioned are for general population, while special conditions should kept in mind and pre-consultation with a doctor or a food expert is advised.

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